Choose the correct compound word to fill in the blank.


    1.   The ____ can match very well with this white dress.


a. rose-pink scarf

b. roses-pink scarf

c. rose-pinked scarf

d. scarf pink rose




    2.   They are happy to live in a _____ house.


a. good-built

b. well-building

c. well-built

d. good-building




     3. The children spent all day in a _____.                  



a. cherry orchard

b. cherries orchard

c. orchards' cherry

d. orchard's cherry


     4. _____ = school for children aged from three to five


a. kind-hearted

b. nursery school

c. kind-heart

d. heart-kind


     5 . This _____ is a very helpful machine for us.


a. dishwasher

b. dish washing

c. washing dish

d. washer dishes




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